Christmas is coming!

Honestly, i cannot believe i added that as a heading either. However, Christmas isn’t quite here but the rush for the big man coming is defiantly under way!!.

We have defiantly been working hard over the beautiful summer and have found record numbers of the local community employment which we are immensely proud of!. The candidate market is at a all time low, However we have found this year a increase on our candidates referrals / recommendations to friends and families which has massively grown our workforce. We have also expanded our social media following and moved into the scary world of Instagram (Byromsolutions). Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to and be informed of live job postings.

Byroms are always striving to be the best at what we do and prove to our clients and candidates we are passionate about our industry, so far this year has been no exception joining the ALP (Association of labor providers) being a business member of Stronger Together tackling modern day slavery and maintaining our GLAA licence. We working towards a further accreditation which we will keep you updated on….

17 weeks to Christmas…. and peak is set to continue….. Please give us a call if you are on the look out for any further employment opportunities we would love to hear from you! and dont forget to like and share our pages for live updates of our opportunities.

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