Stronger Together

Slavery and Human Trafficking Act

Byrom’s are proud to ensure our workers are safe guarded and protected throughout our end to end process, from the initial contact to working on assignments on behalf of Byrom’s. Working with stronger together we are on a mission to implement ways of highlighting unacceptable behavior which is currently effecting millions of individuals throughout the world. This may be effecting current or prospective members of our own workforce.
Please watch the  Stronger together video which highlights the definition of Human Trafficking and forced labour, any questions or information sent to us will remain confidential.
As a local recruitment organisation Byrom’s realise that we are at the front of the recruitment process and we have a responsibility in tackling the problem of slavery and Human Trafficking.
Byrom Food Solutions and Byrom Industrial Solutions Limited commit to developing and adopting a proactive approach to tackling slavery and Human Trafficking.
Definition of “slavery” is where ownership is exercised over a person, where individuals are coerced into providing their services or do so under threat of penalty. “Human trafficking” covers arranging or facilitating the travel of individuals with a view to exploiting them. It is understood that it is often well hidden by the perpetrators, with victims if they perceive themselves as such, reluctant to come forward.